The First ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Teaser Decloaks An Invisible Scarlett Johanssen

Most of the talk about the live-action Ghost In The Shell remake has so far been about the controversy around casting white actors in Asian roles, a choice those behind the movie have been on the defensive about for a while. The controversy isn’t likely to go away any time soon, but if this clip is any indication, at least attempts to translate the anime’s action is going well.

It’s a really brief clip, one spliced into AMC’s request to shut off your phones in front of Doctor Strange screenings. But fans of the 1995 original or the manga it’s based on will notice it draws quite a bit from both in the style and what’s actually going on action-wise. It’s not quite Mamoru Oshii’s original, from which movies like The Matrix drew heavily in the ’90s, but it does look pretty good. That said, it is worth pointing out this is supposed to take place in Tokyo and once again, it’s nothing but white people in the clip. No love for Rila Fukushima?

The full trailer will be arriving Sunday, which should give us a fuller picture of the movie and how it sticks to, and diverges, from the original. Hopefully it ditches the long, dull speeches, but we’ll find out soon enough: Ghost in the Shell arrives in theaters March 31st.