The Director Of ‘Die Hard’ Made His Version Of A Cat Video And It Doubles As A Game Ad

John McTiernan, between 1987 and 1990, put out three classic action movies in a row: Predator, Die Hard, and The Hunt For The Red October. But he hasn’t been heard from since 2003’s Basic, until now, with his version of a cat video.

Shot to promote the open world tactical action game Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the star of this is a white kitty who sees a laser and does what all kitties do with a laser. Don’t worry, animal fans, the kitty is OK. The owners… well, you’ve seen Die Hard. As to why McTiernan disappeared for so long, it’s something of a Hollywood tragedy. McTiernan got wrapped up in the notorious Anthony Pelicano case, where McTiernan hired Pelicano to wiretap Charles Roven in 2000. McTiernan then made the mistake of lying to the FBI about it, leading to a years-long legal drama that got all the way to asking the Supreme Court to take his case. They turned him down, and McTiernan spent a year in jail and lost his ranch in the process.

That said, this clip shows he still has the skill he was noted for as a director. Considering Ubisoft has a film division, and McTiernan still has his gifts with action, we’re just saying the opportunity is there, Ubisoft.

(via Vulture)