Melissa McCarthy Is Reportedly Eyed As ‘The Lynchpin’ Of Paul Feig’s Upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

As we’ve all long suspected, Melissa McCarthy is in talks to star in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. If it works out, it will be McCarthy’s fourth movie with director Paul Feig — but scheduling concerns might not allow for it. Because no one told McCarthy’s people that when someone asks you if you want to be the Ghostbusters god, you say YES. From THR:

McCarthy has a very complicated schedule due to her CBS TV show, Mike & Molly, and an already pack movie slate. She is committed to shoot the Universal comedy Michelle Darnell, which is being directed by her husband and Tammy collaborator Ben Falcone.

THR also says that, while Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Rebel Wilson were shortlisted as early possibilities to round out the cast, Lawrence and Wilson are “not seen as [contenders]” at this point. Wait, does that still mean Stone is in the running?

THR says SNL‘s Cecily Strong and Workaholics and 22 Jump Street‘s Jillian Bell will also be in meetings for roles.

With or without McCarthy, we will get our female-driven Ghostbusters movie. And, after it comes out, we’ll get to say it came, it saw, it kicked ass.

Source: THR