Gods To Square Off As Liam Neeson And Morgan Freeman Join ‘Ted 2’

Liam Neeson has tussled with many a wolf in The Grey and many a thinly drawn European flunkie in the Taken films, but he has never had to deal with an anthropomorphic teddy bear with a predilection for salty language and being a solo funky bunch for burger mogul and actor type Marky Mark Wahlberg. That is, until now:

Sources have confirmed that Neeson has joined the cast of Ted 2, which writer/director Seth MacFarlane tweeted on Wednesday. Sources also confirmed the casting of Morgan Freeman, which was reported earlier this month.

So, basically we’re gonna see Zeus (whom Neeson played in Clash of the Titans and its sequel) versus God (whom Freeman played in Bruce Almighty) versus Flash Gordon, since Sam J. Jones will be back as well for Ted 2.

That trio joins Wahlberg, the voice of director/co-writer Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried in the cast. Seyfried, as you may recall, is replacing Mila Kunis while she waits patiently in a bourbon cave for her Jim Beam to mature. You may also recall that Seyfried and Neeson co-starred with Seth MacFarlane in A Million Ways to Die in the West, which MacFarlane also directed.

Do you need more recognizable names for the smutty talking bear movie to get your movie buck? You’re in luck.

In addition, HitFix has exclusively learned that “Mad Men” star John Slattery is on board for the film. No specifics on either role is available at this time.

Is it me or does Ted 2 suddenly have more casting rumors than The Justice League movie? It is astonishing and there’s still time for more. Ted 2 is set to premiere in theaters on June 26, 2015.

Source: EW, Hit Fix