Godzilla Finally Meets His Match On A Japanese Soccer Field

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The new Godzilla movie, Godzilla Resurgence, came out on Friday. Don’t think you’re too out of the loop for not knowing this, though. The reason you didn’t hear about it is because this a Japanese Godzilla movie, the first in over a decade, and it has only been released in Japan so far. But over there, the monster has been popping up all over the place doing a hard promotional push for the film. He even appeared at a J-league soccer match between FC Tokyo and Kawasaki Frontale to attempt a penalty kick.

Just like celebrities often flub the first pitch of a baseball game in America, this celebrity doesn’t manage to put the ball in the net. Godzilla fails by trying to get too flashy, attempting a spinning tail shot rather than just going for a run of the mill kick. He kicked over enough buildings in Japan over the years…is that not good enough for soccer? This new Godzilla really needs to get back to his roots.

That’s an opinion many people are sharing regarding the new Godzilla Resurgence film as well. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft says this new Godzilla ‘talks too much’ and spends too much time following politicians instead of the monster. iDigitalTimes agrees that the movie is more about the Japanese government’s response to a disaster than Godzilla himself. Fortunately, Godzilla fan site Skreeonk reassures us that ‘the city rampage sequences are SPECTACULAR’…when they cut away from boardrooms to actually show them.

Maybe if he’d spent more time smashing things in Godzilla Resurgence, Godzilla wouldn’t have flubbed this penalty kick.

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