Toho Co. Vows That Japan’s New Godzilla Will Devour Its Puny American Counterpart

Japanese film company Toho Co. has cornered the market forever on the King of All Monsters, Godzilla, and the legion of radioactive giant behemoth monsters who run amok in Tokyo and decimate the population at large. As such, Toho is not shying away from their claims that their upcoming Godzilla film will be the biggest version of the towering monster as of yet. The film is titled Shin Godzilla, which means New Godzilla or True Godzilla (the English title is Godzilla: Resurgence). According to Toho, this Godzilla is going to put the last interpretation of the guy that audiences saw in Gareth Edwards’ 2014 flick to shame.

Along with that news, Toho is planning to release the film in Japan in the summer of 2016, which is already ahead of schedule of Edwards’ sequel that has a release date of 2018. Co-director of Shin Godzilla, Shinji Higuchi, has sworn that the Godzilla seen in Shin Godzilla will be the “scariest Godzilla yet.” This leads to a more defined type of speculation of the tone and direction in which this Godzilla film will go. There is the possibility that Godzilla may not even be battling his giant monster brethren in favor of a more serious and deadly interpretation of the creature.

Consider me one of the few who will be disappointed not to see a Godzilla vs Mothra duel, but it seems that the King of Monsters will inflict serious damage on Japan which audiences will be able to see in summer of 2016.

(Via A.V. Club)