Warner Bros. Sets A Date For Their ‘Godzilla Vs. King Kong’ Superheavyweight Tilt

Thrilling news for fans of giant lizards, colossal gorillas and regular-sized humans cleaning up debris: Godzilla vs. King Kong now has a release date. It’s a smidge in the future, but big-ass monster smackdowns aren’t exactly a fill-in tilt at UFC Fight Night.

Warner Bros. has announced that Godzilla vs. King Kong (a movie that exists because Legendary CEO Thomas Tull wanted an epic hoss fight) is currently earmarked for a May 29, 2020 release. Will it be preceded by a loyalty oath to President Donald Trump? Only time will tell, but it already seems likely that this would-be blockbuster has killed off the prospect of Pacific Rim 2.

Elsewhere in Godzilla-based scheduling, there’s been an adjustment to when Godzilla 2 will be wreaking havoc. The second Godzilla motion picture from Gareth “he’s been trusted with Rogue One” Edwards was originally lined up as a summer 2018 offering, but that’s been scooched down the line for a March 22, 2019 debut. Deadline notes that this revamped release date means Godzilla 2 won’t have to duke it out with the latest Transformers offering that was also setting up shop for the same day in 2018.

Hollywood could always cut out the middleman/woman/bot/monster and just turn Godzilla vs. King Kong into a triple threat contest with Transformers added and maybe include a Pacific Rim notable as the guest referee. That’s a terrible suggestion on our part, but it’s hard not to be sucked in by the seductive power of fantasy booking crossover blockbuster events. Could the Banger Sisters show up in such a thing? Why not? It’s the magic of imagination!

Reminder: You have until 2020 to see the 1962 original King Kong vs. Godzilla slobberknocker. Adjust your priorities accordingly.

(via Deadline)