‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ Director Adam Wingard Is In Talks To Return For A Not-Yet-Revealed MonsterVerse Movie

Not all cinematic universes can be as successful as the MCU. In fact, many of them come up very short. Some die right out of the gate. Remember the Dark Universe? It appeared, after some underperforming titles, that Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse would lurch to a premature end. But after Godzilla vs. Kong became the first hit during the pandemic, it looks like they’re ready to go next level — or do more of the same.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that film’s director, Adam Wingard, is already deep in talks to come back to the MonsterVerse, although it’s not clear what will be next. There is allegedly one title being floated around, and it harkens back to the King Kong side of the multi-pronged franchise: We could get a Son of Kong, perhaps one like the first sequel to the 1933 original that started it all.

Of course, Godzilla also had a son — not a direct progeny, but a younger giant reptile kaiju he adopted as his own, in the very family friendly 1967 Toho entry Son of Godzilla. The two could duke it out against each other. They could duke it out together, fighting for their fathers’ love. These are the kinds of pitches that could — but probably aren’t — being had over Warner Zoom calls right now.

As of this writing, and after only about a month of release, Godzilla vs. Kong has grossed over $400 million worldwide, about $87 million of that from the U.S. That’s still nowhere near before-time levels, but it’s better than Tenet, which could only nab $58 million domestically and about $364 million worldwide. Meanwhile it’s good news for the MonsterVerse, which has had respectable numbers but not the kind that shows real passion from audiences. But then, so far the series hasn’t had King Kong coldcocking Godzilla in the face.

(Via THR)