‘Going Clear’ Director Alex Gibney Talks A Possible Sequel And The Problem With Tom Cruise

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09.13.15 6 Comments

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If you watched Going Clear when it premiered on HBO, you were treated to a look inside an organization that makes you a believer in the power of faith, no matter where it comes from. Alex Gibney’s documentary adaptation of Lawrence Wright’s book by the same name was an odd, eye-opening, and sometimes scary look at the inside of an alleged cult with a seemingly endless amount of influence.

Gibney walked away with best documentary at the Creative Arts Emmys and got a chance to talk about his experiences behind the film and the harassment that he and those involved in the production endured from the church. But the one Gibney saved most of his questions for was Tom Cruise and the problems swirling his involvement in the church, and why the media isn’t questioning it:

On the suggestion that Tom Cruise is largely being left alone by the media, he said, “I’m fairly confident that many programs who wanted to have Tom Cruise on their shows were told you can have him on one condition: that you not ask him any questions about the Church of Scientology. But what’s up with Tom Cruise, why won’t he addresses these things … he received documented proof of these abuses.”

So naturally this would make you think there is a sequel in the works. Yes, but also because Gibney feels there is still a job to finish:

“There’s a lot more material already that I’ve received, more to come out — and so far the IRS has not revoked its [tax-exemption] protection so there’s a lot more to be done.”

I think I’ve watched Going Clear more than any other documentary in the past few years, so if there’s more, I’m for it. It’s fascinating and infuriating all at once.

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