Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Remake ‘La La Land’ In The Golden Globes Opening

The films with the most nominations at the 74th Golden Globe Awards are La La Land with seven and Moonlight with six. One begins with a sparkling musical number on a Los Angeles freeway, the other starts with a scared child, nicknamed “Little,” being chased into an abandoned motel by a pack of bullies. Try to guess which one Jimmy Fallon parodied in the cold open.

As expected, the Globes kicked off with an homage to the “Another Day of Sun” scene from La La Land, which director Damien Chazelle said was inspired by the “cacophony of sounds coming out of cars” in Los Angeles and “using that soundscape to build into an opening musical number and having a fantastical musical number arise out of a bunch of realistic city sounds.”

There was so much to look at during the opening: Amy Adams, Evan Rachel Wood, and John Travolta dancing; Rami Malek (as Elliot from Mr. Robot); Jon Snow (who knows nothing about playing dead); the Stranger Things kids dropping rhymes and Barb descending from a pool; Ryan Reynolds spitting a mint into Jimmy Fallon’s mouth; Tina Fey as Emma Stone’s La La Land character; and Fallon and Justin Timberlake dancing (and doing a lot more) in the stars. It was a literally star-studded opening to a star-studded affair.