Amy Schumer Filmed Her Dad Meeting ‘The Love Of His Life’ Goldie Hawn

Amy Schumer‘s dad is sweet on his daughter’s Snatched co-star Goldie Hawn. Very sweet. According to Schumer, Hawn is the love of her dad’s life, so you can imagine that their first in-person encounter was worth recording. What you might not expect, is that it’s a remarkably touching encounter.

Amy’s dad, Gordon Schumer, was clearly emotional about the prospect of meeting Hawn. He’d done so before over FaceTime, but IRL is its own category.

“Am I about to meet Goldie?” asked a teary-eyed Gordon. (He was.)

As is the case with meeting a crush you’ve had for decades on end, it was a pretty special moment when Gordon saw Goldie enter the room. (She came to visit the MS-afflicted superfan at the assisted living facility where he resides.) Goldie had her feelings stirred by the moment Heck, you might too.

“I’m emotional too,” said Hawn before sharing an extended hug.

If you prefer your celebrity parent fan interactions in still form, this image also from Schumer’s Instagram should do the trick.

Hawn has heaped a lot of praise on Schumer as they’ve been out promoting their upcoming comedy. In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, Hawn trumpeted the Trainwreck star’s ability to connect.

“She’s a funny, smart person who can also make you cry,” she said about her co-star. “I didn’t care about doing something that doesn’t stimulate me. But this is Amy. To be matched with someone so deeply instinctive, naturally funny, and incredibly brilliant? It’s a great coup.”

Snatched is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 12.