Good Grief: The Official Trailer For The ‘Peanuts’ Movie Has Dropped

We showed you the teaser trailer for the new Peanuts movie back in December, and it was a fun and nostalgic ride (aboard Snoopy’s flying dog house) that was a real trip for many of us who grew up with the cartoon and comic strip. You hear “CGI Peanuts movie coming in 2015″ and you shudder at the idea and all the ways it could go wrong. Thing is, the teaser looked like it mostly got it right. Limited dialogue, cuteness, and music.

Now the full length trailer has dropped and well, I guess they knew they had a good thing that with teaser, because they are quite similar, with the major difference being an emphasis taken off Christmas. Though it’s too early to pass any real judgement, it looks cute and if it can stay true to humble nature of the source material, could be a nice family movie to nestle between all the explosions we will inevitably get in most of next year’s movies.

Via YouTube