Powerline Performed During The ‘Goofy Movie’ Reunion At D23

The cast of A Goofy Movie reunited for a panel at Disneyland’s D23 convention on Friday, including James Marsden, who voiced Max Goof for the movie, and Bill Farmer, who voiced Goofy. The audience of 1,000 people were treated to Cheese Whiz, in honor of Pauly Shore’s character in the movie, a video, and then a performance by Tevin Campbell, also known as Powerline, the band that closed the movie.

Marsden and Farmer also performed at the panel as father and son, while the cast and screenwriter Jymm Magon shared a lot of little-known trivia about the movie, which did modestly well in its 1995 release, but has since become a cult classic. This includes Farmer putting his foot down when producers wanted him to use a “normal Dad voice” for Goofy, saying that “no one wants to hear that.”

It also turns out that James Marsden didn’t perform any of the music in the film himself. Luckily, the gig went to his friend, Aaron Lohr, aka Portman from the Mighty Ducks series.

See, D23 isn’t just for Star Wars news.

(via Mashable)