GoPro’s ‘Furious 7’ Stunts Video Is Even More Intense Than The Movie

If you thought the stunts from Furious 7 looked crazy on the big screen, check out this behind the scenes video from GoPro with stunt coordinator Jack Gill detailing what went into making all that chaos happen.

So many movies are using CGI nowadays that it’s easy to forget the insane amount of work that goes into actually filming a standard high-speed chase. Considering how over-the-top everything in the Fast & Furious universe is, “standard” doesn’t even begin to cover what these guys were up to.

GoPro had dozens of cameras on set for all the chase scenes and stunts, and the footage is spectacular, even more so than a lot of the stuff that actually made it into the movie. There’s nothing like seeing a giant camera truck or stunt man in the shot to make you realize there are actual people in and around these vehicles doing insanely dangerous things for our amusement.