There’s An Intriguing New Clue About DC’s Plans For ‘Green Lantern Corps’

The CW, at this point, could launch its own Justice League. Between Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, and with Supergirl on the way, the network is packed with heroes and villains from across the DC universe. And they just opened the door to quite a few more in the Legends of Tomorrow season finale. But there’s one hero who’s going to be left out of the fun, and it’s Alan Scott… because DC wants him for their movies.

Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern from the ’40s, the guy who had a mighty ring that couldn’t do anything to wood. In DC’s current continuity, he’s basically a mystical force who has nothing to do with the space police that include Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner in its ranks. But according to Greg Berlanti, head of the ever-growing CW DC franchise, Alan Scott is strictly off-limits:

I’ll tell you right now, because I never want anyone to be disappointed, he’s not Alan Scott… Alan Scott is also attached to the Green Lantern franchise, which DC obviously has feature plans for.

This isn’t entirely out of line with how DC has handled Alan Scott in the past, although he’s rarely crossed paths with Hal Jordan. When DC rewrote his origin in the ’80s, Scott found a meteorite that contained the soul of a rogue Green Lantern, who guided Scott to forge a ring and lantern to redeem his past actions against humanity.

As we know, DC has a fairly strict policy about who can and can’t turn up on the CW-verse. Thanks to the Suicide Squad movie, Deadshot and Amanda Waller rather abruptly both died on Arrow. There are exceptions, of course, but they’re generally for civilian identities; Anatoli Knyazev, the KGBeast, turned up as both a friend of Ollie’s on Arrow and as the flamethrower wielding Martha-abductor in Batman V. Superman. It also is playing fast and loose with the Justice Society, as Jay Garrick is, to avoid spoilers, substantially different on The Flash.

DC might just be keeping Alan in reserve, of course, or they could be pushing boundaries: In the New 52, Scott is a gay man, and DC has been attempting to beat Marvel to the punch with different kinds of heroes lately. That said, Green Lantern Corps is still years away. Nor is it impossible a Green Lantern will turn up on the CW, as we’ve heard passing comments about Coast City; The Flash has referred to his workplace, Ferris Aircraft; and they’ve even mocked up production art referring to Green Lantern’s oath. We’ll just have to see as the CW-verse unfolds, and as Green Lantern Corps gets closer to production.

(via ScreenRant)