‘Mad Max’ Mastermind George Miller Rumored To Direct ‘Green Lantern Corps’

The 2011 DC Comics cinematic offering Green Lantern has a legacy more as a cautionary tale than as any sort of thrilling blockbuster. (Just ask the film’s lead Ryan Reynolds.) Is there any universe where the words “Green Lantern” can inspire hope at the movies rather than painful flashbacks? How about if Mad Max/Happy Feet mastermind George Miller had a go at the project?

In a new episode of Heroic Insider, co-host Umberto Gonzalez shared the “hot rumor” that Miller might (MIGHT) direct the Green Lantern Corps movie. It was stressed that Miller doing Green Lantern Corps (“MAD MAX IN SPACE” gush the hosts) is strictly a rumor at this stage, so let’s not build any elaborate monuments just yet.

The prospect of Miller doing a DC-affiliated movie isn’t unheard of. The 71-year-old filmmaker has had his name associated with a number of different properties. We nearly got a Justice League movie from Miller, but it fell through. There was talk of Miller being a potential Man of Steel 2 helmer, although that was also snuffed out. It’s a shame because his analysis of the character is fascinating.

Green Lantern Corps, a movie that would likely come out in 2020, might have to wait for another Mad Max movie or two to be sorted out. Miller shared in an interview earlier this year that he has two more stories in the series to tell. If either are half as good as Fury Road, we’ll wait as long as it takes.

(Via Heroic Insider)