‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Debuts Deleted Scenes And Featurettes

Awww, it’s Gamora and Nebula sharing what Thanos would view as a tender moment. It’s just one deleted scene that’s debuted this week ahead of its streaming debut tomorrow and the Blu-ray arriving in December.

First off, there are a string of featurettes excerpted out of a larger behind-the-scenes documentary. Vin Diesel in particular proves he deserves more voice acting work, but it’s all pretty fascinating, especially how the animators incorporated the physical performances as well as the vocal:

Finally, here’s a bit that really shouldn’t have been cut out, between John C. Reilly and Peter Serafinowicz that establishes both beautifully. I get why they cut it, but it’s such a great little scene, and it softens up Serafinowicz’s character just enough that it would have given the finale a little more weight. It also makes us want to see the Nova Corps get their own Netflix show, but really, one step at a time.

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