Watch Chris Pratt And Dave Bautista’s Awkward Yet Hilarious ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Screen Test

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two box set hits shelves tomorrow, so you know what that means – even more behind-the-scenes bonus features from all your favorite recent Marvel movies! Bonus features like the very first Guardians of the Galaxy screen test between Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Drax (Dave Bautista).

In the video, we see a still charmingly shlubby Pratt and a gray-painted Bautista running through the memorable “Why would I put my finger on his thoat?” scene. You know, the one where Star-Lord tries to convince Drax not to kill Gamora. Of course, the screen test version is a little different, as Gamora isn’t there, and the scene ends with Star-Lord and Drax trading high fives and bonding over the freakiness of Aaskvarian girls. Sadly, we didn’t see that happen in the movie. Guess Star-Lord’s more interested in Aaskvarians than he claims, tentacles and all.

Even though the scene would change a bit in the final movie, it’s obvious Pratt and Bautista have chemistry together. It’s clear Guardians of the Galaxy was firing on the right cylinders pretty much right from the start. Now, where’s Vin Diesel’s screen test where he just stands there and says “Groot” for five-straight minutes next to Bradley Cooper in a raccoon costume?

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