Now Groot Will Answer Your Texts (Plus A Mashup Of Other Trees Vin Diesel Voiced)

If you saw Guardians Of The Galaxy and feel like you could use even more Groot in your life, perhaps in the guise of a friendly text message buddy to promptly reply to your drunk texts, now there’s a service for that. You’re welcome. Groot has an unofficial text message service accessible by texting whatever thoughts or concerns you have to (866) 740-4531. Messaging rates may apply, raccoons may ask you to trade a prosthetic leg for a reply, yadda yadda disclaimer over.

You can probably guess what message Groot texts back to everyone. This was set up by Ricky Robinett, a developer at Twilio, who announced via Twitter that he was working on “a new SMS chatbot with some pretty amazing AI” which would launch Monday afternoon. That is some amazing AI.

Robinett offered an update yesterday afternoon, saying Groot had sent over 20,000 messages. That number increased 50% in just one hour as the phone number went viral. Robinett tweeted an hour later that “Groot may have a text message addiction. He’s now sent over 30,000 messages.”

Today, we are all Groot.

On a related note, Screen Junkies of Honest Trailers fame have released a mashup of the other trees Vin Diesel wanted to voice. They explain, “Before he was Groot, Vin Diesel tried out for several other famous movie trees.”

(NSFW audio)

Via THR and Screen Junkies