Has The Villain For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Been Revealed?

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2
is still nearly a year away (a bummer, we know) but as with any Marvel movie, once you get within 12 months of the premiere date the rumors really start to flow at a seemingly impossible and unending rate. The latest speculation in the basket for Guardians 2 is who the potential villain might be and who it could be played by. Based only on comic-book canon and existing casting announcements for the movie, so basically the bare minimum of details, the film website Joblo is guessing that the next nemesis for the Guardians to face off against will be Ayesha. It may be more wishful thinking than based off any clear evidence, but even if it doesn’t pan out as an actual plot point, the mere fact that we can let our imaginations run wild for a few weeks or months is a good consolation prize.

For those unfamiliar, Ayesha (otherwise known as Paragon, Kismet, or Her) is a borderline divine being created by genetic scientists – what’s more fun than genetic scientists?! – who were aiming to create a perfect species to rule the world. Of course, trying to create a perfect species to rule the world and all other species inhabiting it always ends well for the mad scientists. Ayesha is tall and blonde in the comics, and while that isn’t always a direct arrow toward who will portray the character on screen, Elizabeth Debicki of The Night Manager is already on the call sheet for the movie and matches Ayesha’s general description. Debicki blew away audiences acting alongside Loki (AKA Tom Hiddleston) in the AMC drama, so it’s only right she gets to use that icy stare in a more intimidating role.

Since Ayesha’s aim is to rule the world, Guardians might decide to go in a less similar direction than X-Men: Apocalypse which had a similar premise and received middling reviews. In any case, there is still a long way to go until concrete details are unearthed and even longer until the movie hits theaters. Fortunately, speculating can only make that time go by faster.

(Via Nerdist)