The First ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Poster Has Arrived

Guardians Of The Galaxy was something of a surprise for Marvel; nobody expected a movie starring a cult team directed by a Troma veteran to outgross almost the entire rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that’s exactly what it pulled off. Thus, expectations are high for the sequel. But as the first official poster reveals, James Gunn is still doing it his way.

Gunn revealed the poster on Twitter, and he’s got the entire cast up against the wall:

If you’re wondering just where Groot is, look at Star-Lord’s feet; you’ll find the adorable little guy hiding out near his boot. The take feels a bit more like album art than space-faring action movie, albeit the idea of the Guardians, Yondu, and Nebula just chucking the whole thing and rocking out ’70s covers in intergalactic watering holes undeniably has an appeal. It’s also rather cleverly spoiler-free, as there’s little we can infer about the movie from the poster that we don’t already know.

As for seeing the team in motion again, with the poster here keep an eye out for the trailer. After all, Marvel has a movie arriving in early November, and that would be the perfect place for a little Guardians action.

(via Twitter)