Get A Tour Of Guillermo Del Toro’s Crazy Horror Collection Courtesy Of ‘Conan’

At any given point in time, acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro has approximately 1 million projects of various sorts in development. Seriously guys, he does so many things (none of which, apparently, are “make Hellboy 3 already, but that’s beside the point). Amidst acting, directing, producing, writing, and his various hobbies and side projects (we like to think he keeps a lovely vegetable and herb garden), he’s also an avid collector of all things weird – movie props, posters, original art, sculpture, comic books, and everything in between. He keeps his extensive collection at a California mansion he calls Bleak House. Glimpses into the collection have been available in the past, but Del Toro recently announced that he’ll be taking his collection on tour for the world to see. With the first exhibit opening in Los Angeles, Del Toro took some time to give Andy Richter from Conan a peek into the house itself.

Depending on what kind of person you are, it’s either insanely weird to see that one man has collected so much geeky memorabilia, or a fascinating look into the quirky obsessions of one of the great creative minds of our era (we’re part of the latter camp here – this video is awesome). It’s an absolute trip to see, and the attention to detail is evident early on when Del Toro shows Richter an eerily lifelike statue of writer H.P Lovecraft that has had five o’clock shadow inserted into its skin with a hypodermic needle. There are also some cool relics from Del Toro’s film catalogue, including Hellboy’s gun, The Samaritan. Perhaps the most shocking room is the kitchen, but we won’t spoil why that is for you. This may be the closest many get to getting a proper look at his collection if they can’t see it when it’s on tour, but Richter and his team did a fantastic job exploring the house. It is, at the very least, a really great alternative for those who aren’t into watching HGTV for home decor ideas.

(Via Conan)