Guillermo Del Toro Wants A Specific ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress For ‘Pacific Rim 2’ (If It Ever Happens)

So look, the status of Pacific Rim 2 is completely up in the air. Some reports have it being canceled, while Guillermo Del Toro says the film still has life and has just been delayed or frozen in time for now. No one is entirely sure on where the film stands, but the talk about a prospective Pacific Rim sequel is still happening with Del Toro dropping some dream casting hints.

As you can see in the tweet below, it only took one lunch for Del Toro to decide that he wants to put Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams into a Jaeger.

Why not? The movie might never happen, but the idea of Maisie Williams getting tossed into a giant robot to kick kaiju ass is not a bad idea. I would also hope that any possible second movie doesn’t waste a lot of time on any exposition and takes a little more time to have some robot fights. If you’re going to spend the cash on the movie, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. No need to dog it by letting the story and plot get in the way of some hardcore monster fights. Go the Mad Max route, keep it simple, and give the audience what they want.

(Via Guillermo Del Toro)