This Guy Noticing Himself Being Filmed With A Zoom Lens Might Give You Secondhand Anxiety

The person who uploaded this video, titled “Creepy Meets Creeper” to YouTube writes on Reddit that he was testing the zoom on his new camera in Bilbao, Spain when he happened to notice a guy staring right back at him. He continued to film as the man ominously walked towards him until he got too freaked out and abruptly packed up in order to “carry on living.”

As the camera pans out at the end, it seems impossible that the man could have possibly known he was being filmed, yet… it also seems impossible that he didn’t know he was being filmed, the way he not once takes his eyes off the camera.

Suffice to say, the whole thing is quite terrifying and was more than enough to fill me with anxiety while watching it, despite the fact that it’s randomly set to the South Park “Cash for Gold” song. Some people seem to think that the man in question resembles a terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted List wanted in connection with animal rights extremist groups, which is a bit of a stretch, but only makes the whole thing more bizarre. Creepy creeper and possible vegan terrorist on the lam in Spain or just random dude minding his own business? You be the judge!

(Via Reddit)

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