Guy Ritchie’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Attempts To Gets Things Right With Its Open Casting Search

Entertainment Writer
03.10.17 2 Comments

Hollywood has seen its fair share of casting controversies over the years, with many sending the internet into outrage here in recent years. The Great Wall and Ghost In The Shell are the most recent to play fast and loose with their casting choices, drawing complaints about “white washing” even when it might not be entirely warranted. But they are also far from the worst offenders.

Look at Prince of Persia and Gods of Egypt, using white actors to play Middle Eastern roles. It was especially troublesome for many online with Gods of Egypt, unleashing a string of criticism, avoiding it at the box office, and forcing director Alex Proyas to share a rant of his own calling critics “deranged idiots.”

All of that is a reason why the casting call forGuy Ritchie’s Aladdin that made its way around online today was a pleasant surprise for many.

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