The Latest Glimpse At Guy Ritchie’s ‘King Arthur’ Promises Spectacular Battles And Muscly Medieval Dudes

Guy Ritchie is making the transition from one immortal legend to another this summer. (No, YOU’RE WRONG for not giving The Man From U.N.C.L.E. legend status, ya ingrates!) The English filmmaker’s King Arthur adaptation is earmarked to arrive on May 12 and today saw the latest glimpse at what Ritchie has in store. Let the shirtless training images begin!

This 45-second spot for King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword presents a grey, miserable England. Or as it is sometimes known “England classic.” Armed with Excalibur, Charlie Hunnam’s Arthur seems not too pleased with his evil uncle Vortigern despite the fact Jude Law is bringing a special Young Pope brand of magic to the proceedings. Looking every inch a Guy Ritchie movie (RIPPED GUY PUNCHING AHOY), images flash providing glimpses at spectacular battles and a poor horse falling into a crumbling abyss.

Could Ritchie have another Holmes on his hands? It’s hard to tell based on this incredibly serious preview. Ritchie’s biggest hits have been comedy-laced offerings, so there’s some new terrain being covered by the director beyond Arthurian legend. Of course, audiences might prefer their King Arthurs tearing sh*t up next to the Autobots, so there’s an unlikely rival in the form of June’s Transformers: The Last Knight that could harsh Artie’s box office vibe. Let the campaign for a 2020 crossover begin now.