Han Solo Making Dad Jokes On Twitter Is Equal Parts Funny And Sad

If you’ve seen the new Star Wars, then you’ll probably agree that the film’s most tragic story arc involves Han Solo and his kid. To recap, Han Solo and Leia had a son who went to the dark side, and who ditched his given name (Ben) for the more dark side-y Kylo Ren. And this Han Solo Twitter parody account isn’t here to capitalize on the pathos of that relationship, with @dadjokehansolo, in which Han Solo tells–you guessed it–Dad jokes in order to bond, in vain, with his son.

Here are some of his hopelessly dorky and desperate jokes:

“Ben having a funny father is the real gift.” :(

He even brings Uncle Luke into it:

It must be tough for your son to turn evil, and to feel responsible for that, but Han, you used to be cool. Trying to get your ungrateful son to like you again by making a bunch of lame jokes on Twitter (“Ben, why aren’t you laughing? This is great stuff!”) is beneath you.

In fact, it sounds like Ben needs to be put in his place. The old Han Solo would have gruffly given him some tough love, and that would’ve done the trick. Whatever you’re doing here, instead? It’s not going to turn out well.

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