Who Else Will We See In Han Solo’s Anthology Movie?

It appears that Han Solo is back in business. Alden Ehrenreich has been cast as young Han, and we’ll be seeing the movie in 2018 from directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the team behind the 21 Jump Street films, The Lego Movie, and other recent hits. But who else will we be seeing?

It’s worth noting the time period here: The movie will be taking place before A New Hope. So that rules out a few major characters Han won’t meet until later, but it also throws in a few characters you might not expect.

Chewbacca: Lock

Han’s not Han without Chewie, and people have been curious how the overconfident smuggler and the walking carpet that constantly saves his skin met ever since A New Hope. Chewie might only have a cameo at the end, but he’s showing up. (We’ve already seen him meet Yoda, after all, so it wouldn’t even be the first time he joined in the action.)

Lando: Lock

Similarly, Lando and Han’s relationship is something people want to know more about. It’s unlikely that by the end of this movie Han isn’t flying off in the Millennium Falcon, and he has to get it somehow, after all.

Jabba The Hutt: 2-1

Han is unlikely to be doing business with the fat slug directly, although this movie might end with him picking up some cargo fated to be jettisoned, much to Jabba’s rage. But expect at the very least a nod to the more unsavory side of the Star Wars universe.

Greedo: 3-1

Han and Greedo seem to know each other in A New Hope. We assume that Han’s big adventure will at least touch on that. And if he does show up, we won’t be surprised if Han goes for his weapon first.

Mon Mothma: 3-1

Mon Mothma is a key player in Rogue One, and it seems likely the Rebellion would make at least a modest effort to recruit a hotshot young pilot like Han in its early days.

Sana Solo: 4-1

Why would we argue a character we’ve only seen in Marvel’s comic book series would appear in a movie? Everything Disney has put out about Star Wars is officially canon, to the point where a Lego short on the Disney Channel picks up quite literally seconds after Marvel’s one-shot about C-3PO ends. That said, we likely won’t see their sham wedding, but Sana may well turn up.

Darth Vader: 5-1

Han might not run into the Dark Lord of the Sith directly, but we’re going to take a wild guess and assume young Han somehow offends the Empire. And where the Empire goes, the Emperor’s right-hand man is sure to follow.

Jyn Erso’s Father: 7-1

Getty Image

Mads Mikkelsen has confirmed he’s playing Rogue One heroine Jyn Erso’s dad, but as the trailer for that film makes clear, that’s a small role. That makes casting Mikkelsen an odd choice, unless they’re going to use him in some way they haven’t revealed yet. So, bar some massive twist in Rogue One (which we’re not ruling out), he has a decent chance of turning up here.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: 10-1

Ewan McGregor would like to come back for another shot at the role. And it seems possible Han will make at least a pit stop on Tatooine. It’s a longshot, though, especially because they’ve clearly never met in A New Hope. Hey, we’ll take it over other prequel nods: Don’t forget, we never see the corpse of Jar Jar on screen.