Ron Howard Seemed Confident Talking About Taking Over The Han Solo Movie For The First Time

Getty Image

A few days ago, the Star Wars spinoff movie centered around Han Solo was chugging along just fine. Donald Glover was aboard, along with some Game of Thrones and Fleabag alums, and then suddenly directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were unceremoniously fired from their positions due to “creative differences.” Supposedly, those creative differences stemmed from the fact that they were making a comedy that Lucasfilm did not want them to make. However, it was a shock to everyone who had an eye on the production and fans and critics alike were ready to make a judgment about the project and what this latest development could mean.

After Lord and Miller’s firing, multiple directors were circulated as possible replacement names for the project. Ron Howard led the way, and was eventually chosen as the man to lead the way to the end of principle photography. After the news broke, Howard was nothing but magnanimous about the opportunity and respectful of the franchise in his first public comments.

As he mentions in his tweets explaining his feelings about the situation, Howard has been a Star Wars fan for a long time and is understandably excited but referential about the opportunity to wrap up direction on the spinoff. Let’s hope his words mean good things for the film’s finished product.