The ‘Hands Of Stone’ Red Band Trailer Makes An Intense Boxing Biopic Look Like Late Night Cinemax

Between Miles Teller starring as Vinny Paz in Bleed for This and Edgar Ramirez portraying Roberto Durán in Hands of Stone, the upcoming awards season will probably feature its fair share of boxing footage. Whereas Teller will be making his case for Oscar gold by playing the real-life boxer who pulled off one of the greatest physical comebacks in sports history, Ramirez will presumably have critics buzzing as the man who shocked the world when he said, “No mas.” Additionally, Robert De Niro will inspire critics and bloggers to remind us what happens when he actually cares about a role, and Usher might even grab a few trophies for his performance as Sugar Ray Leonard.

What both movies will have in common, aside from the obvious boxing component, is the life of excess led by athletes in their prime. That is certainly on display in the red band trailer for Hands of Stone, as both Ramirez’s Durán and Usher’s Leonard are shown in pretty heavy sex scenes, complete with bare breasts and the pop singer/actor’s bare ass. Will De Niro’s Ray Arcel also channel Dirty Grandpa and get in on the action? We’ll analyze that possibility as soon as I’m done dry heaving.

(Warning: This is a red band trailer and I just told you there are breasts and butts. Please take that into consideration, and don’t be surprised that a conversation about the “Panama Canal” leads to something dirty.)