Watch Loki Play Hank Williams In The First Trailer For ‘I Saw The Light’

12.02.15 2 years ago 8 Comments

The first trailer for I Saw the Light just dropped, giving people outside of Nashville their first chance to get a glimpse of Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams.

We just have to say that it’s not fair the way that actors from other countries can just put on the American accent so effortlessly while a grand total of maybe three Americans can pull off a British accent. Seriously, what’s in the water over there that makes them vocal shapeshifters?

There’s at least one person out there who isn’t a fan of the decision to cast Hiddleston. Hank III, the late singer’s grandson, criticized the idea of Loki playing Hank Sr. in a Facebook post.

“To do a Hank Williams movie the way it should be done, you need certain aspects in the mix to make right. It goes way beyond having an American to play the role of Hiram Hank Williams, Sr. for it to be somewhat natural. It needs to be an American from the South who has eat, lived and breathed these kind of roles before to make [a] more respectable movie on Hank Sr.”

Given the evidence, does Hank III have a point or do you think Hiddleston will pull it out?

(Via NME)

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