Weekend Box Office: Jason Blum And Blumhouse Productions Do It Again

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10.15.17 5 Comments

Fun Fact: The three horror movies (besides IT) with the biggest opening weekends this year have a combined production budget of $18.5 million and earned a combined $100 million on their opening weekends. All three were produced by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions: Split, Get Out, and this weekend’s Happy Death Day, which opened at number one with $26.5 million on a $5 million production budget.

No one gets a better return on investment than Blumhouse Productions, which could probably finance three years’ worth of movies with the profits from one Paranormal Activity film. It’s insane what Jason Blum can do, and even more insane that he’s so consistent. Why don’t more studios emulate him? And why hasn’t someone sought to resurrect the dead romantic comedy genre with the Blumhouse model: Make clever, high-concept rom-coms with young up-and-coming talent and tiny budgets? Even if they only earn $20-$25 million, they still generate a profit.

At any rate, Happy Death Day was another feather in Jason Blum’s cap this weekend, as it did exactly what it set out to do: Use a great marketing plan to draw massive amounts of young viewers in to see an original horror movie that was well liked by both critics (66 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and audiences (a B on Cinemascore, which is very good for the horror genre). Blum continues to have a golden touch.

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