Harley Quinn’s Solo Movie Just Landed A Screenwriter

11.11.16 1 year ago


It’s safe to say that Suicide Squad was Margot Robbie’s film. Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn was hugely popular, as anybody who went to a Halloween party this year. So the news that Harley would be going solo in the near future wasn’t surprising, but what is attention-getting is that Warner Bros. isn’t messing around, talent wise.

The Wrap has learned that Christina Hodson will be writing the screenplay. Hodson has racked up a lot of credits in a short time; in addition to two screenplays on the Black List, including the upcoming Shut In starring Naomi Watts, she’s been tapped to write a new take on The Fugitive and tackle a Bumblebee solo movie. It seems likely Warners is continuing its policy of women handling their superheroine movies, as Robbie is also producing the Harley Quin solo jaunt.

As for the plot, that’s still a bit up in the air, but it’s clear that it won’t just be Harley, but several superheroines, popping up. Considering the reaction to the Wonder Woman trailer that arrived in front of Doctor Strange, that seems to be a safe bet at the box office. But, of course, they still have to make the movie. It seems that we’ll see Harley go solo sometime in 2019.

(via The Wrap)

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