Details Are Emerging Regarding Harrison Ford’s Awkward Plane Landing That Saw Him Cut Off Another Plane

Harrison Ford said his bumpy landing at a Southern California airport in February was due to being distracted by turbulence from another aircraft, according to ABC News. February’s incident is currently being investigated by the FAA, but details were scarce in the wake of his mishap. Now, Ford admitted landing on a parallel taxiway where an American Airlines flight was about to take off from was a mistake.

The FAA released the audio of Ford’s conversation with air traffic controllers, where he admitted: “I’m the schmuck who landed on the taxiway.” Ford seemed to be confused about the status of the other plane, which was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members but was able to take off. Ford has a long history of flying, what with being the captain of the Millennium Falcon. But in real life, he’s had some death-defying trips in the sky. In 2015, he crashed onto a Los Angeles golf course after his World War II-era trainer plane suffered a mechanical failure.

Ford said he “got distracted by the airliner” which was the main reason for his landing mishap. ABC News notes Ford mentioned there was turbulence while he was flying which may have contributed to his distraction. But these incidents makes you question if he really did make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

(Via ABC News)