These ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Took Their Love Of Quidditch To Soaring New Heights

Harry Potter fans are a dedicated bunch. While real Quidditch is an impossibility (damn the absence of actual magic!), that doesn’t stop the most diehard Potterheads from participating in games and even having an official league. Still, while the rules can stay semi-similar to J.K. Rowling’s game of bludgers and snitches, there is a certain authenticity lost in the fact that all players remain firmly earthbound.

Well, some Colombian fans decided to take their wizarding experience up and notch. In the Spanish language opening of the above video, it reads:

“Six of our own, fans of the most famous wizard in the world, decided to bring to the books’ sport to life.”

They are not kidding. In order to get the full flight feeling, these fans decided to jump out of an airplane and recreate the game on the way down. With brooms in tow, these daring individuals managed to bring a quaffle ball and goal post with them on the way down, and even scored a goal in the process. Most people would be too focused on reaching the ground alive to successfully play a sport (let alone a fictional one) in the process, so kudos to these thrill seekers.

It’s kind of a bummer to find out that the video was a stunt for ETB, a Colombian phone company, but that doesn’t negate the coolness of the video.

How far would you go for the realest fan experience possible?

(Via Complex)