Kittens And ‘Harry Potter’ Combine In The Cutest Video You’ll Watch All Day

Do you like kittens? You’re on the internet, so probably. Do you like Harry Potter? Considering there are billions of boy wizard fans across the globe, most likely. Well, is this the video for you!

The Pet Collective, a YouTube channel specializing in videos of adorable animals (so you may want to bookmark that one for a rainy day), has created a masterpiece: two twin kittens and a host of stuffed animals acting out all eight Harry Potter films in seven minutes. The rundown is actually a pretty accurate representation of the story, complete with a hilarious T-Rex as Voldemort and a glowering Edward Cullen cameo.

The best part might be the Harry kitten’s complete lack of interest in Hogwarts and being fully focused on his nap. He does, however, perk up around the Order of the Phoenix section of the video to chew on his glasses and his stuffed costars and overall try to destroy the set. Considering the fact that Harry spent a majority of that film and book as an angst ridden teen who spends most of his time lashing out at his friends, this seems about right.

(Via Mashable)