HBO NOW January Highlights (Including ‘The Young Pope’ And ‘The Nice Guys’)

Pretty soon, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the rest will be over and the cold grey gloom of January will set in, and you will once again have this lovely little thing called “free time.” HBO Now is here to help you fill up those hours previously held by holiday shenanigans with new original content, stellar new releases, and some longtime classics being added to the streaming service’s catalog. HBO originals The Young Pope and Beware The Slender Man will make their way onto your screens, and most of M. Night Shyamalan’s films will be available for your viewing pleasure, including the well-received thriller The Visit. If you haven’t yet, you can also watch recent comedies The Nice Guys and The Boss, because laughter is your best option when it’s freezing outside.

The Young Pope (1/15)

Not a ton is known about this new series starring Jude Law, but the trailers have been more than a little intriguing. With a young and American pontiff taking the reins as the leader of the Catholic Church and all that implies, things are bound to get complicated in this new miniseries. With the current rash of conflicted anti-heroes on TV, it’s probably safe to assume that Law will join their ranks. With a stellar cast and promised moral ambiguity, The Young Pope is sure to be an interesting exploration of faith, humanity, and incredible hats.

The Nice Guys(1/28)

If you missed Shane Black’s latest during its theatrical run, do yourself a favor and add The Nice Guys to your queue as soon as possible. Violent, hilarious, and clever, The Nice Guys stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as two private eyes with very different methods exploring kidnapping and murder in 1970s LA. While the performances are uniformly great, Gosling in particular shines in a hapless and hysterical role that is a sharp departure from the leading man performances that he has become known for. 2016 was the year we found out Ryan Gosling was funny, and The Nice Guys is a huge reason why.

The Visit(1/13)

Critical acclaim has been all over the place for M. Night Shyamalan since the beginning of his career, but the genuinely tense and creepy The Visit put him back at the top again. When two kids go to visit their long estranged grandparents, things are not at all as they seem. What starts as weird family dynamics turns into full on horror by the end of the film. Grandma has never been creepier.

Here are all the titles coming and going on HBO NOW in January:

New Original Programming:
Sesame Street, Season 47 Premiere (1/7)
The Young Pope, Series Premiere (1/15)
Real Time with Bill Maher, 2017 Premiere (1/21)*
Beware the Slenderman (1/23)
Becoming Warren Buffett (1/30)
*Debuts on HBO NOW/HBO GO morning after linear airing

Theatrical Premieres:
Demolition, 2015 (1/7)
Genius, 2016 (1/8)
The Visit, 2015 (1/13)
Now You See Me 2, 2016 (1/14)
The Boss, 2016 (Extended Cut) (1/21)
The Nice Guys, 2016 (1/28)

Me case con un boludo (I Married a Dumbass), 2016 (1/6)
Nada S.A. (Nothing Co.), 2014 (1/6)
Yo no soy querrillero (I’m Not a Rebel), 2016 (1/13)