HBO Now June Highlights (Including ‘IT’ And ‘Blade Runner 2049’)

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It’s blockbuster season at the movies, but sometimes it’s nice for the blockbusters to come to you. HBO Now has you covered in this regard, with some of 2017’s best hits, including IT, Blade Runner 2049, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. However, if you’ve been putting off your binges of the Harry Potter and The Fast And The Furious franchises, be sure to make time for them before they leave at the end of June. HBO Now will also feature some original content as well, including the second season finale of Westworld and the premiere of the upcoming Succession. Happy watching!


No one really saw IT coming. Sure, horror films often manage to carve out a place at the box office, but IT became a full-blown phenomenon. By balancing the childhood nostalgia with genuine horror, people learned to fear Pennywise again while also turning him into various memes. IT turned people onto horror who were often put off by the genre, so be sure to add it to your queue if you haven’t had the chance to have your nightmares brought to life.

Blade Runner 2049

Sometimes sequels that come decades later just aren’t worth the wait. However, Blade Runner 2049 did the seemingly impossible thing of expanding and enriching the original world. Humans and replicants are still living uneasily alongside one another, and Ryan Gosling deftly steps into the reluctant hero role that Harrison Ford’s Deckard used to fill. Between the deep reverie on existence and the stunning visuals, Blade Runner 2049 is destined to become a modern classic.


Westworld has made a name for itself thanks to its compelling characters and insane twists, and season two feels like the show at its absolute best. With the introduction of Shogun World, things are only getting crazier as the hosts and humans go to war. Remember when we all were wondering who the Man In Black was? Small potatoes compared to the twists and turns of season two.

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