Helen Mirren Confirms That Ageism In Hollywood Is ‘F*cking Outrageous’

2015 Tony Awards - Gala
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Remember a little while back when Maggie Gyllenhaal said she was told that at 37 years old she was “too old” to play the love interest of a 55-year-old man? And you thought, “What? That’s ridiculous! Preposterous! F*cking outrageous!” Well, Helen Mirren actually had nearly the same exact reaction, except that she was much less surprised.

At the first New York Power Women Breakfast hosted by The Wrap, Mirren was asked about the infamous quote and looked like she was pretty familiar with this. Which is a real sad statement on the state of Hollywood and ageism when it concerns women. But at least it gave an opportunity for Mirren to make fun of increasingly “geriatric” James Bond actors.

Here is the video of Mirren cursing:

Source: The Wrap