Ron Perlman Has Some Bummer News About ‘Hellboy 3’

Even in an age where Marvel and DC can flex their muscles as box office gods, there’s no guarantee comic fans will be able to get what they want. You read the headline so you know bummer news about Hellboy 3 is coming. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

Ron Perlman, that thunderbolt of charisma that’s brought Mike Mignola‘s Dark Horse hero to life in the previous two films, provided an update on the status of Hellboy 3 in a chat with Screen Rant. At the moment, it looks like the threequel’s been shelved.

“We don’t talk about that anymore,” said Perlman about the prospect of teaming with Guillermo Del Toro for another Hellboy film. “Because he’s busy, and I’m busy. Maybe one day he’s going to call and say, ‘Hey, let’s do it.’ But for right now? We’re happy discovering new worlds to conquer.”

Obviously, that doesn’t mean the project’s permanently banished from the universe, but it certainly paints a picture far less optimistic than the one Perlman presented on Twitter in September.

If there’s a silver lining for fans of Perlman/Del Toro pairings, it’s that Perlman voices a character in Del Toro’s upcoming Netflix animated offering Trollhunters. It’s not Hellboy 3, but we’ll take any Perlman/Del Toro combination we can get.

(Via Screen Rant)