‘Hello Kitty’ Will Star In Her Own Unsettling Movie For The Big Screen

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07.03.15 2 Comments

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Hello Kitty has no mouth, but she can scream. She’s also starring in her own feature film because Hollywood can’t resist pencil-box nostalgia. According to Deadline, Sanrio will capitalize upon Kitty’s enduring global fame with a full-on movie.

This film will presumably be animated, but live action would be a much better bet. Stick a Kitty head on any actor and go to town. Sanrio admitted Kitty may not be a cat, so why not? Let Kitty reenact her famous Times Square fight with Minnie Mouse. Or cast Avril Lavigne for a mega throwback. Sanrio could make this movie fun, but it will instead probably be a nightmare:

Iconic Japanese brand Hello Kitty, famous globally for the red-bowed cat with six symmetrical whiskers, is getting her own film adaptation. Japanese lifestyle company Sanrio is planning to finance and produce a feature based on the character and release it globally in 2019. The film will go through Sanrio’s recently established U.S. subsidiary. The project will have an expected anywhere from $160-240 million.

The proposed budget feels a little hefty, considering how Kitty has starred in her own budget DVD series for decades. You can purchase a three-pack about Kitty going to the movies for $4.99. Will audiences be willing to pay for an overpriced theater ticket to see the same thing?

(via Deadline)

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