Henry Cavill Navigates Comic-Con In Disguise And Stuns Will Smith In The Process

Clark Kent is a fine alter-ego. Batman v. Superman seems to suggest that the Smallville native is a terrible journalist (why doesn’t Perry White fire his ass?), but at least there are other disguises he can fall back on if he wants out at the Daily Planet. Y’know, like a mask.

Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder’s Superman, shared a remarkably charming Instagram video from San Diego Comic-Con with an undercover element. The 33-year-old British actor took to the convention floor wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and posed for pictures without anyone cluing in that a cinematic superhero was behind the Anonymous face staple. Was the whole thing soundtracked by Kenny Loggins’ immortal anthem “Danger Zone?” You bet your Kryptonian ass it was. In case you missed it, the dude’s pretty good at Instagram. It sorta makes you wish his Superman could be as fun and delightful as he is.

The clip’s big finale comes at the end when Cavill (still masked) makes his way over to Suicide Squad star Will Smith for a photo. Does the one-time Fresh Prince put the pieces together once he sees Cavill’s face? That’s for the video to reveal. We have it located above, plus there’s another Comic-Con clip from Cavill nestled below.

(via People)