Henry Cavill Proves That Clark Kent’s Glasses Disguise Really Is Sufficient

There are many debates that rage across geekdom: Star Wars or Star Trek? Who should ultimately rule Westeros? Was Chris Evans better as Captain America or The Human Torch? However, most comic book fans are united in one thing: are glasses really the best disguise for Superman? Really? As his mild mannered alter ego, Clark Kent, Superman doesn’t seem to work too hard in finding a good way to hide his secret identity. Would some simple specs truly be enough to confuse even those who know him best?

As the release date for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice draws nearer, its stars are out promoting their hardest (even though people have probably already made up their minds one way or another over whether or not they’ll be purchasing a ticket). Henry Cavill, Superman himself, decided to silence the Clark Kent’s glasses truthers in the most charming way possible. In an Instagram video, Cavill is recorded walking around Time Square wearing a Superman shirt, and despite the fact that his face is plastered on nearly every building and billboard in sight, no one recognizes him. With a cheeky “Dear Doubter, The glasses are good enough,” fans officially have their answer from the man himself.

(Via Henry Cavill’s Instagram, H/T Entertainment Weekly)