Check Out The Trailer For The Ill-Timed Documentary On Anthony Weiner

Well, this is awkward. Awkward does make good TV, though. And it’s coming to a television screen near you very soon.

Amidst another sexting controversy, the official trailer for Showtime’s upcoming documentary based on Anthony Weiner’s bid to become the mayor of New York City has been released. Weiner, set to be aired October 22 at 9 p.m. on Showtime, centers around Weiner’s attempt to make a political comeback following his resignation from Congress due to the first sexting scandal.

His comeback, as we are aware, would fail, and the documentary follows Weiner through his rise in the polls, and his eventual plummet due to a second sexting incident. Still, this did not stop Showtime from keeping active in publicizing their documentary on this divisive politician.

Earlier this week, Deadline reported that Showtime was in discussions with the films production team about possibly adding a postscript to the award-winning documentary that would update viewers on the latest, certainly pertinent, events. They’d also probably be open to further publicizing the October release.

The latest incident could be a three strikes you’re out not only as far as Weiner’s marriage is concerned, but also his political career. It could make for an interesting sequel.