Here Are 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Goodfellas’ To Prepare For The Film’s 25th Anniversary

We’ve still got a year before the 25th anniversary of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas (technically nine months, so treat it like a baby). It’s never a bad time to look back on such a great movie, so it’s cool that this video appeared when it did and we’re heading into a year that will mark a milestone date.

Also I don’t think we talk about how good this movie is on this site. We’ve given some time to Frank Sivero’s lawsuit against The Simpsons and to the heist that helped inspire the movie, but we’ve never talked about the actual movie too much.

There’s a lot of good to pick apart, which the clip does pretty well. There are plenty of parts that I like that always seem to get overlooked, things like Bobby Vinton’s son playing him during the dating montage, Henny Yongman ruining the famous tracking shot by forgetting an act he’d been doing since the 50s, and the appearance of real detective/private detective/sandwich enthusiast Bo Dietl as a cop in the end of the movie.

I’m always discussing this or Casino with my friends, usually revolving around the numerous “whackings” because of it being proper dinner talk. I want to know what your favorite part of the movie, though. Or if you hate it. Or if you think something is better. Personally, I’ll take this over The Godfather in any discussion, and I love The Godfather.

(Via Cinefix)