Here’s A Peppy Supercut Of Every Death In The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

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10.24.14 3 Comments

(NSFW audio)

Star Wars is not necessarily noted far and wide for its gritty violence or high body count. But Digg argues that maybe it should be, with this supercut.

First of all, for those wondering, that’s the opening two tracks from Girl Talk’s mash-up album Feed The Animals. Secondly, yes, they count every possible death, and the total is pretty staggering. Admittedly, the two billion bumped off on Alderaan and the crews of the two Death Stars blown to hell skews the numbers a little bit. But still, there’s a pretty impressive death count of 600,000 or so shown on screen. The best Rambo did was 83 in a movie. Step up your game, Sly!

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