A Rundown Of All Of The Movie Trailers You’ll See During The Super Bowl

While all of the automobile manufacturers, food companies, beer brands and dot coms are entertaining the non-football crowd with zany and wacky ads that cost them millions, there will be plenty for movie fans to be excited about on Super Bowl Sunday. With the exception of Sony Pictures and Warner Bros., the big studios will be rolling out TV spots for some of the biggest non-comic book movies of the year. Some of the ads we may have already seen, while some could be brand new. Some might simply be the same trailers we’ve already watched, just mixed up all over again so we think they’re new, causing us to freak out like dorks all over again.

Whatever, trailers are trailers, even if they include whatever the hell Seventh Son is supposed to be, so here’s a quick rundown of which studios are promoting which trailers, as well as where they might air during the Super Bowl broadcast. That way you’ll know when to go to the bathroom, unless you were smart enough to wear a diaper. Also, this is in order of my own excitement, so please judge me accordingly.

Terminator: Genisys (Paramount) – Already released for your viewing pleasure, the trailer for old man Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the franchise that made him famous airs during the second quarter.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (20th Century Fox) – The latest trailer for the Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of Mark Millar’s wonderful book will air during the pregame material (no word on which hour that means).

Jurassic World (Universal) – Chris Pratt fights the dinosaur revival at some point during the game (this isn’t a science, apparently).

Tomorrowland (Disney) – Disney got the hype train going with the teaser for the 30-second trailer, but you’ll have to watch the whole game if you want to see it.

Ted 2 (Universal) – After the release of the first full trailer today, we can probably expect several Ted 2 spots during the game, based on the audience.

Minions (Universal) – It’s the Despicable Me spin-off that your kids are going to want to see while you take a nap in the theater.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Paramount) – Airing before the kick-off, this is the follow-up to the funny-yet-weird 2004 film that featured David Hasselhoff as the world’s creepiest surfboard.

Insurgent (Lionsgate) – You’ll be able to watch the trailer for the next installment in the Divergent series tomorrow, but if you miss it and don’t have internet access until Sunday, you can catch it on NBC before the Super Bowl.

Seventh Son (Universal) – Yet another trailer for the film I call Why, Jeff Bridges, Why? will air at some point during the game’s broadcast. Universal doesn’t like spoiling ad placement. You have to respect that.

(H/T to Deadline)