Here’s What’s New On Netflix In December, Including ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ And ‘American Beauty’

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You’re going to have some time off this month due to a jolly fat man in a frilly suit breaking into your home — oh and Santa Claus is coming by too. So between all the breaking and entering and gift-giving and snow-ins, you should have plenty of time to shut yourself in and watch a few programs on your trusty Netflix streaming service. We already know what we won’t be streaming this month, but now let’s take a look at some of the new programs being stuffed down our digital chimneys this month.

The 8 Movies/Specials You Should Definitely Watch In December

1.) American Beauty

The magic of director Sam Mendes and writer Alan Ball’s American Beauty lies in the pair’s ability to not juggle, but weave together the vapid facets of the supposed “American Dream” into a tale of love and loss along the mortality highway, with its many detours and off-ramps. The characters are presented — warts and all — with an ambiguity that allows the audience to both compare themselves and distance themselves from their craggily constitutions. Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey put in career-defining performances in this instant classic.

2.) Out of Time

Denzel Washington is fantastic in this edge-of-your-seat popcorn flick. He plays a police chief who races against time to exonerate himself from a crime he didn’t commit while seeking evidence that will implicate the real culprits. If you want something more cerebral, this isn’t the ticket to punch, but if you’re looking for a concise thrill ride with a good payoff, then give Out of Time some time.

3.) The Wolf of Wall Street

Sure, it contains so many F-bombs it would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. Sure, there’s enough debauchery in it to make the inhabitants of Skid Row turn in horror. Sure, it’s a lengthy investment of your time. But through the facade of drugs, breasts, and midget-tossing, there lies a potent tale of corruption, greed, and the importance of staying true to one’s sense of honor and integrity. Also, it’s a ton of fun and masterfully choreographed by Martin Scorsese.

4.) Child of God

I’m taking a chance here because I didn’t actually see Child of God, but I did read the slim book it’s based upon, by Cormac McCarthy, and it’s riveting. Highly violent, highly deviant, the tale thrusts you into the mind of a murderous outsider who descends down a rabbit hole of depravity that few have ever embarked upon. You’re going to want to take a shower after this one.

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