Hey, Atlanta Students! Want To See ‘The Interview’ Early?

The holiday movie season is usually reserved for two types of movies; utter treacle and long, serious dramas. Fortunately, Seth Rogen and James Franco are here to save Christmas for the rest of us, with a heartwarming tale of friendship and geopolitical black ops, The Interview. And if you’re a student in the Atlanta area, you can see it early.

How? Follow the friendly flyer!

Or, if you’re not the visual type, go to SonyScreenings.com and enter the code: TheInterviewAtlanta. If you’re one of the lucky few who get seats, you’ll be seeing it at the Regal Atlantic Station, 12/4, at 9pm.

If you’re not in Atlanta, or you want to see it again, tweet your favorite scene or line with the hashtags #TheInterviewMovieSweeps to be entered for a chance to attend the LA premiere!

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