Someone Figured Out How Much It Would Cost To Attend Hogwarts

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07.14.15 2 Comments

The closest Muggles, also known as people not living in a fictional book series, can get to attending Hogwarts is heading to Orlando, Florida… and you lost me. Magic’s cool, but it’s not worth visiting a city with seven fast food restaurants for every resident. But even if Hogwarts were real, you probably wouldn’t want to be a student there; you’d be paying loans for years to come.

A writer over at Mic figured out how much it would cost to attend Hogwarts, based on quotes from J.K. Rowling (she’s said a single Galleon converts to “about five pounds”) and her Pottermore website. For instance, a wand will set you back $42, while an owl goes for a steep $140. No wonder poor (in every sense of the word) Ron had a rat. As for tuition:

Some insist tuition at Hogwarts is free, though the books are unclear either way. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll say that tuition must cost something. Multiple figures place the price around $42,000; we’ll take that number at face value. (Via)

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